Thursday, April 24, 2014

Always something to learn...

With our 2nd annual Genealogy Expo just around the virtual corner, like Saturday, I am reminded of the many things I've learned from attending events such as this one. 

One time, I was privileged to be present in a class on English research. As I my grandfather was born in England, that is always an area of interest for me. This particular presentation was chock-full of wonderful information. One of the first things I did after the conference was go into Google Maps and search for where my family lived. 

The picture included here is of the very street where my great-grandfather, John Richard Hoyle, was born; Rings Row. He was the only child of John Hoyle and Mary Lord, but the youngest of at least nine children, his father having had two previous wives. While in Google Maps, I was able to change to street view and see the very buildings where they and their neighbors, many of whom were also relatives, lived. It was amazing to me, and led me to further findings about my family and the area in which they lived - all prompted by the information gained at a genealogy event.

Come join us! You never know what gems you will take away.

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