Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Didn't we have fun??!

The 1st annual Kitsap County Genealogy Expo held in Poulsbo, Washington, came and went, almost as a dream. We went from this -

to this -

in just a matter of a few minutes. 

And our guests just kept coming! The doors, which were to open to the public at 8:30 a.m., saw people coming as early as 7:45. Were we surprised! I thought we'd run out of set-up time much more quickly than I'd supposed. 

Kudos to the consultants, exhibitors, presenters and others who assisted for their hard work and participation in this event. There were plenty of helpers to go around. Their smiles and welcoming attitudes set the tone for the whole expo.

We offered exhibits from local societies and some of our family history consultants. We also had breakfast snacks and beautiful flowers.

Classes began at 9:20 and continued until 12:05. Most things went off without a hitch, though the internet connection was incredibly slow and did cause a few problems for presenters. Beyond that, our guests appeared to be enjoying themselves. The class sizes were much larger than many anticipated, not a bad thing! 

From the comments I received from participants personally and through evaluations, the whole event was a rousing success. The two 'complaints' were that the internet was too slow and the event was too short! I can definitely think of worse things.

Will we do it next year? Heck, yeah!

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