Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why Attend a Genealogy Expo??

I was trying to figure out why someone should attend the Kitsap County Genealogy Expo. Because, then, you know, I could do a better job of convincing folks to come! I know I've benefited personally from going to events like this one, but I figured it was because I really wanted to be there, and I was really hoping to learn something new.

Then, I realized that one of the unexpected outcomes, of a very pleasant nature, was the opportunity of spending time, a fairly long time, with a whole bunch of people who also wanted to be there. A whole bunch of people, who, like me, loved (or, were at least interested in) genealogy and family history

We shared family stories with each other. We traded business cards (more like calling cards in most of our cases). We rejoiced and lamented over a variety of research experiences. And, we just plain reveled in being with other people who love what we love!

That's why YOU should come!

You can click HERE to register

While digging around, I found this recent blog post by Amy Johns Crow at No Story Too Small, with some of the same sentiments. I enjoyed it. I hope you do, too.

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